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New Hi-Protein Wholegrain Loaf at Bakers Delight!


Bakers Delight is excited to reacquaint you to the Wholegrain LowFODTM Block Loaf; thier very own freshly baked low FODMAP bread.

It is the perfect bread for the 1 in 7 Australians who suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

TM Block Loaf is a healthy and delicious option for people following a diet low in FODMAPs, so they no longer have to miss out on soft, freshly baked bread.

In summary, the Wholegrain LowFOD TM Block Loaf is:

- Monash University Low FODMAP certified

- High in protein with 10.5g grams per 2 toast slices

- Made with a delicious mix of grains and seeds including oat bran, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, linseed and kibbled sorghum.

When in its natural state, sorghum can be considered a superfood, featuring the goodness ofantioxidants, minerals and fibre TM , one serving of this product is low in FODMAPs.

Please note that this loaf does contain gluten and is therefore not suitable for people with Coeliac Disease.

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